Hands On Organizing offers you hands-on, practical solutions that help you move through life more smoothly, with less stress.

Whether you need a focused consultation, a complete organizing make-over, or help managing a relocation, I will work with you within your timeframe and budget to achieve the results you want.


  • If you feel that you are fairly organized already.
  • If you feel that you just need a pair of new eyes looking at your space.
  • Your goal is to do the hands-on work yourself.

    The short consultation package may be all you need. This plan includes the following:

  • One hour person-to-person meeting.
  • Comprehensive list of recommendations for getting organized.
  • Up to one hour follow-up session.
  • Cost: $120

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If you don’t quite know where to begin.
If things have become overwhelming.
If you’re thinking “There must be a better way to do this”.

I'll roll up my sleeves and work with you.

  • Written plan to track progress.
  • On-going sessions as often as needed or wanted.
  • Personalized attention.
  • Flexible scheduling.

    Two hour minimum, third hour free.
    10 hour retainer, 10% off.
    Refer one client who keeps an appointment, receive one hour free.

Insurance reimbursement may be available. Most home-owner’s policies cover additional living expenses under the “loss of use” clause. Auto policies may reimburse helpers for reasonable expenses incurred when the policy-holder is temporarily disabled, under the “loss of services“ clause. Check with your agent.
$30 per hour
Refer one client who keeps an appointment, receive one hour free.

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If you’re moving.

Hands-On Organizer will manage any or all aspects of your move.

  • Preparatory sorting and culling.
  • Yard sale from start to finish.
  • Written packing and moving timeline.
  • Procurement of packing materials.
  • Expert packing.
  • Truck rental and loading.
  • Unpacking and arranging.
  • Picture-hanging.

    $25 per hour
    Truck rental and boxes additional.
    Refer one client who keeps an appointment, receive one hour free.

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Contact me for more information about the following services.

  • Speaking
  • Workshops
  • Collaborations
  • Personal Assistance
  • Light Carpentry and Hauling

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