Here are a few examples of the variety of clients I work with and their differing needs.

Lois had knee surgery. She could no longer navigate the stairway to her downstairs home office. The initial task? Move her computer and supplies upstairs to the office she now shares with her husband. During subsequent sessions Lois and Susanne integrated the two offices, sorted and organized items on the bookcase to create more usable space, set up a streamlined filing system, and adjusted storage spaces in other areas of the house to accommodate these changes.

Darlene celebrated her recently published book. It was a happy, albeit disruptive event. Her home became a jumble of papers, file folders, publicity materials, and books used in research. First Darlene and Susanne completely cleared the desk and temporarily stored these items in boxes. Susanne asked Darlene questions to determine the next steps of their work together.
What tasks are facing Darlene at this point?
Promote the published book and begin writing the next one.
Which things absolutely need to be in the small desk?
Two drawers only of office supplies. Files relating to publicity for the old project, one drawer. Computer for the new book, one side of the desk.
Which items can be archived?
Research files, extra office supplies, old personal and household files, irrelevant books.

Howard had an auto accident resulting in a brain injury. He feels he must have everything visibly displayed in order to remember what he has. The goal Howard and Susanne agreed upon was to create a workable combination of surface areas and labeled cabinets and drawers for storage. There were weekly maintenance sessions for a time, to continue to tweak the systems they established for Howard‘s individualized needs. In addition, they spent some time during each session clearing unused or seldom-used items.
Howard no longer drives, so part of Susanne’s work for Howard is running errands and shopping.

Betty moved from Medford to Ashland, from a two-story 4 bedroom house to a small condo. First Betty and Susanne made a timeline for sorting everything, room by room. Susanne began packing seldom-used items and helped Betty hold a yard sale. About a week before the move, Susanne began the intensive phase of packing, staging the boxes near the door, ready to be loaded on the rental truck. Moving day was long but exciting. Susanne returned several times in the following weeks to hang pictures, discuss furniture arrangements, hook up computers and stereos, and recycle boxes.


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