Who I Am and What I Do

susanne petermann

I am Susanne Petermann, Hands-On Organizer. For more than fifteen years I have been organizing people and their spaces in order to make life easier.

In the Rogue Valley since 1998, I help organize home and office spaces, storage areas, closets, filing systems. I also have lots of experience helping people move, assisting with everything from the yard sale to hanging the pictures in your new place.

In short, I create more space and time in which you can enjoy your home, your family, your work, and your creativity.

Gentle. Discreet. Efficient.

How I Work

I never work alone. I work together with you to create the environment you want to live and work in. Before I do any work for you, you will already be thinking about the specific problems you would like to solve, questions you would like to ask, and spaces you would like to change. You are already committing to the task and to yourself. I in turn come to you committed to evolving an organizing system that works for you. This is our accountability partnership.

Sensitivity. Attention. Presence.

What I Believe

There is a flow of energy between people, the spaces they live and work in, and their things. This three-fold relationship is constantly changing because new mail comes daily, we shop for groceries and supplies, we use things up or otherwise dispose of them. Our priorities and preferences change as well. Often times, more things come into our offices and homes than go out. After a while, surfaces pile up with papers and projects.

I believe that material things, like our bodies, deserve our honor and attention. According to how we treat them, they provide convenience and enhance the beauty of our environment, or they drain our energy.

The goal of getting organized is to free the energy and creativity held in our possessions so that they can serve us instead of being burdensome. The more we appreciate our things, the less we need. In a world that is fast-paced and crowded, people are discovering the increasing value of simplicity.

Keep it Simple. Make it Beautiful.


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